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Hello & Welcome to the hazel project.

This site is going to be about electronic music for utilitarian purposes. Otherwise known as Ambient music.

Some people have told me they have used this music at their office; for sleep, or decompressing after a typical day of activity filled to the margins.

‘This week on the path’ will serve as a commentary on the electronic music you will be able to download on this site.

…on the path 5/1/06

I was speaking with my new dentist today. He told me the number of patients with fractured teeth are on the rise, due to teeth clinching and grinding.

His comment was another indicator of a high stress level so prevalent in our society; a by-product of day to day living.

Kinda like an internal toxic waste that has to manifest itself in some way. Apparently some people allow it to manifest in teeth grinding and clinching.

I personally let it manifest itself in anxiety.

The electronic music I enjoy deals with day to day living in a healthy way. Meaning I use it as a catalyst to augment positive energy or offset negative energy.

The piece I’m going to upload this week is called,

1 pearl ear ring

What you’ll hear is a bass note that drones throughout the piece, and a synthesizer melody played on top of it.
I was going to double the melody with a cello but had to make another arrangement. So instead of a cello, on the second verse there is a mellow brassy synthesizer sound.

I borrowed this idea from a tape of Armenian Duduk music I came across several years ago.
After learning how to let this duduk music unfold, slowly and deliberately, I found it very soothing; calming my mind and body;

1 pearl ear ring is the first of three pieces I will post that would be considered drone pieces.

These drone pieces were made mostly with analog synthesizers. i like ananlog synthesizers because they drift in and out of pitch and timbre over time. It takes a while to understand their character, and they have limits, but when they behave have a beautiful presence that appeals to me.

My intention for this music is utilitarian, oriented for sleep and dreamtime (for those who keep dream journals);however, people have used it in a variety of settings.

I hope you find a suitable setting for this music, yourself.

Thanks for listening.

Stephen A. Thomas

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  1. Jeff Says:

    I like this piece. I’d never thought of analog synths in the same class (poor word choice) as Middle Eastern winds, but I can see (or hear) the influence. It reminds me of the Duduk solo at the end of Peter Gabriel’s Secret World tour; of course, that’s the first thing that comes to mind. :) I’ve been listening to Middle Eastern music lately. Is this in a minor key? It doesn’t sound like a Middle Eastern scale to me, but what do I know? :)

    A great first effort; looking forward to hearing more.

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