on the path…Alarm Clock

Today I woke up at 5:00 AM- Anticipating the alarm by 2 hours. I finally got up at 7:13.

Wednesday is what I euphemistiaclly call “job search support day” at 7:30. This happens as a phone call at a nearby Mcdonald’s parking lot.

They have good decaf there and free refills. It’s been going on about 3 months now. When I get to the counter they know what I want; Medium decaf no cream or sugar. Nice folks.

Across the street in front of Vons grocery store a camp of homeless people built shelters out of blue tarps and shopping baskets. Today, after my phone call, a homeless man was denied something from the camp. He walked over to the Mcdonalds yelling and screaming about Massachusettes, Prison, and Any driver that happened to be nearby.

I slently wished him loving kindness. Albeit with an alterior motive to stop screamiing.

It worked for about 120 seconds.

Interesting morning so far.

Stephen A. Thomas

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