on the pacific…make happy

Alright everyone,

Betty and Herb have been in town for a few days and as always lots of potential stories come from their visits.

Just for example, Betty paid a busker $20 to let me sit in on his drumset. He was playing an old taped up drumset on the Santa Monica Promenade. $20 for a chance to hear me play again. Apparently its been a long time since she’s heard my playing AND since I’ve played. All my fine motor control said, “You want us to do WHAT?” The Drummer’s who read this blog know what I’m talking about. Even though I received no tips, a 2 year old danced to my midtempo jalopy-esque thunk-no beat.

So the family is off to spend the Christmas on the Pacific. Internet is paid for in body parts so I’ll be traveling with pen and paper giving up ability to send and receive e-mail.

Realistically, this will be the last post before the new year. I’ll be thinking of you as I work the phrase:

“so you want to come to my cabin for a ‘nightcap’?” into my vocabulary.

I’ll let everyone know how the Women respond to my intricate usage of these words.
I have a feeling finding Women who want to discuss Eckhart Tolle and Thomas Moore will be staying on land for the Holidays.

I want to wish everyone: A Happy Hanukah, a Nice Kwanza, Merry Christmas; a Funky Festivus,

and Hap Hap Happy New Year.

All organic and vegetarian of course. Unless you’re having Dreamland ribs. And if you are, think of me lounging around enjoying a tofu-olive tanqueray in a rotating cocktail lounge on the love boat. This is my last ditch effort to be amusing.

So that’s it from Hazel Project 2006. I have a lot rules to learn about blogging and music and living in LA.; but I have a lot hope, and really superb resources. Little by little I’m learning the right questions to ask to do the next thing.

So I leave you with my deepest intention for all of you to “Feel Good”.

it goes like this:

may you be filled with loving kindness
may you be well
may you have peace and be at ease
may you be happy

-Jack Kornfield
from “A Path with Heart”

Thanks for checking in,

Stephen A. Thomas

4 Responses to “on the pacific…make happy”

  1. Davak Says:

    Happy sails to you, my friend. Anna received her gifts yesterday, and, of course, loves them.

    We actual bought a bottle of tanqueray last night. Fat, expensive southern season olives yielded a martini that helped deal with the family arriving into town.

    My new nintendo wii just got internet browsing abilities. The whole family is now watch bugboots via youtube in our den.

    Enjoy your cruise and break some hearts.

    Merry Christmas. We miss you dearly.

    Kirk Clan

  2. brian Says:

    Our mutual friend would be so proud of the “…up to my cabin for a nightcap” line!! If only the Audi TT would have made it on board.

    Tell Ginger, Mary Anne, and the Professor Merry Christmas from us in VA!

    Hope you and the family had a great one!

  3. Jason D. Says:

    As I recall, your fine motor skills were something to be envious of. I miss hearing you play, man! Keep it up! Happy New Year!

  4. Jeff Says:

    The rhythm flows through all of us, my friend, whatever form it may take. We are all it’s slaves. I type this drunk, having been stood up by my New Years Eve “date,” but I still have the rhythm. A frame drum almost makes up for the humiliation of being 40 years old and being ignored by some 33-year-old chippie. God is in the rhythm; in the people, I’m not so sure.

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