on the path…a little music, a little yoga

Here’s a piece that kind of taps in to that collective conciousness of joining a gym in January and by February, other things take priority. But the front end of the new year contains so much well intentioned energy for me. It’s happy! Are we still allowed to use that word?
This piece is perhaps too Anthemic for Yoga though.

Speaking of Yoga, I signed up for 10 more Anusara Yoga classes. This Yoga Studio is called “Still,” and is in Silverlake. I was truly ignorant of the fact there were different types of Yoga but I’ve taken to this type. The teacher is really helpful, and encourages observance in the most difficult poses. I’ve been going once a week since October. I slacked off for most of December, so it was good to be back. It helps me recognize my breathing patterns, as in shallow, vs holding my breath. I find sometimes I actually hold my breath. (thought Davak might appreciate such observance)

The new piece is called “Begin Again“, which comes from Blade Runner. In the movie there is this video blimp that flies around futuristic Los Angeles with a voice over that says,

“…a chance to begin again in an off-world colony…”

I thought I’d play off that line and do a Vangelis type piece.
Betty & Herb told me they wake up to this tune. They use it for an alarm clock.

The piece runs about 4 minutes and is vamped. Meaning, I made it up in one pass without editing. By the way, the melody is played on my trusty Minimoog. All the swirly real time stuff is the Korg Z1.
Thanks for listening,

Stephen A. Thomas

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