on the path…Tuesday 04-17-07

What is it with April?

Waco, The Murrah building, Colombine, now Virgina Tech. all in April. Strange coincidences?

A head cold is just the vibe for the day. Taxes and a bitter mix of goldenseal & ginger tea have also been a big part of that vibe.

My clutch radio has been on since 10PM last night. I left it on partly in disbeleif, partly in numbing sadness; partly because I think if I leave the radio on long enough I’ll hear that crystalizing sentence or word that helps me wrap my head around it.

All I have are questions.

What is the tipping point in a persons mind to construct a world view of complete OTHERNESS? When does the critical ability end and separateness completely consume someone? How could a senior in college turn off that critical ability?

Again. all I have are questions. The radio provided very little new information over the course of the day. My head felt heavy all day; a peculiar feeling while finishing up my taxes. One story emerged about a professor who blocked the classroom door with his body and told his students to jump out the window. He was a holocaust survivor. One student credited the professor for saving his life.

There’s an interesting thread. Something so deeply ingrained in humanity that people sacrifice their life for others. Completely present and aware. Where fear vanishes.

I guess I’ll stop there because there are enough words and commentary out there about the darkness.

Stephen A. Thomas

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