on the path…My First 10 Miles

Hello Everyone,

I’ve been at work just to use the internet today and get this link out to you guys.

Several people have already graciously offered their support as I begin my fundraising for


My goal is to raise $1,500 by December 07, 2007. This is what I’ve committed to and it seems very reasonable.
I must say the consequences of falling short of my goal means my training will end on that date which is 6 short weeks away!

This will be my 6th week of training for the 2008 L.A. Marathon. I’m in a great pace group called “The Salazarians” apparently the name of a famous runner. Our fearless leaders are Ed and Bill. These guys make sure we stay on time as we run a 4:1 ratio using the Jeff Galloway method. This means we’re running a 12 minute mile. The 4:1 means we run 4 minutes and walk 1 minute- which I found out is totally legitimate for a first marathon.

I must say I find myself very excited about this method because it’s working. As of today, I completed my first ever, 10 mile run!

Many thanks to Dan who gave me tips last week after I achieved my first ever 8 mile run;
accompanied by an excruciating headache. This week went much better my friend! It’s silly, but you know what it was? Granted along with dehydration, I figured out I was wearing my hat too tight. This week I ran with the hat for about 2 miles to warm up and then removed it.
I also drank about a gallon of water afterwards.

Also, I want to acknowledge “A Snail’s Pace” Running shop in Pasadena, CA. These guys are just awesome. They have fitted me with appropriate running shoes and given me discounts on them as well as my favorite gel-food. They also let me try out different running outfits, and have given me lots of good tips regarding the nike+ipod system and lap watches.

Okay, here’s what to do:

1. Copy this link and paste it in your url window:


2. this will take you to the LAPA website and there will be field that says, “Search By Participant or Team Number.” They want my Runner’s Number so type in 3241 and click GO.

3. Here you’ll find a form letter that I plan to edit in the near future. It does a good job talking about what the APLA is for and shamelessly asks for your monetary support. Click on the green Donate button and follow the prompts. Make sure it says at the top, “Donation Form for Stephen Thomas”

I’ve set up a web page that charts my progress on nikeplus.com so you can see what I did last week. I use my shiny, e-bay purchased, ipod nano to record my maintenance runs. The ipod nano then posts the mileage as well as the time and the route on the website so you guys can all see it.

My screen name for nikeplus.com is: sathomas44

Thanks a lot everyone. I’m extremely grateful for you guys being with me in this endeavor.

Stephen A. Thomas

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