on the path…a vacation movie

Hello everyone,

This past May provided an opportunity to vacation at a mountain cabin with friends I used to play music with. This trip had been in the planning stages for ten years before it finally came together.
I’ve known some of these people since 1987. They are the kind of friends that I’m able to trace back 95% of the people I know.

Eventually we got around to the ineveitable, which was a King Crimson retrospective, and someone mentioned the movie “Children of Men.” They said that, “Court of the Crimson King” was used. I got really excited and said that it was the coolest thing I’d seen in a movie in recent years. The Music Supervisor should have won a Grammy for it because it was so powerful.

Then Brad Clark mentioned we should make our own movie using “Court of the Crimson King” as a kind of memento.

Our opportunity came after a short hike to a waterfall. Brad found a small clearing and said it’d be perfect for a movie clip. Then Chris found this weird telephone electrical pole. Taking a sci fi turn the whole thing fell together in Brad’s head. He told us where to go and directed as he filmed right there on the spot. He sent the final clip today and I wanted to share it with you guys because it’s hilarious.

The clip was entrely done by Brad and includes Chris as the Forest Shaman and yours truly as the Space Ninja.

A special shout out to Sam, Brad’s wife, who told me later that Brad would happily spend days editing this thing together. She was the impromptu prop director as well.

Enjoy, for what it is.

Smokey Mountain Space Ninja

Thanks for checking in,

Stephen A. Thomas

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