Among other things…The Disney Half Marathon

The vibe tonight is “Blue Train” by John Coltrane. Some People find this disc a hard listen but I think it’s perfect for late night blogging. There are some kids down stairs refusing to go to bed, and every once in a while a police car siren will doppler by on Sunset blvd. Tonight I bought some limes that go nicely with a glass of Pellegrino mineral water. This is the perfect Summer drink for me because it’s been too hot for wine, or any alcohol for that matter.

Oh, a comment about the gym. Marine Mike told me the other day that he’s been enlisted for a year and a half but has bad knees so he has stayed off the frontlines. He was telling me this while I was in ‘Plank Pose’, a yoga position that’s basically a  three minute push up. Then in a somber tone he says, “Yeah, because of my knees I haven’t gotten to kill anybody yet.”

I’ve asked for a new trainer.

The Disney Half Marathon!

My Hazel Project readers know this is the year I raise money for the APLA. They train me to run marathons and I raise money for an organization that help people with AIDS.

That’s what the song “I Thought” is about by the way, for anyone who wanted to know the backstory of a Fellini’s Raincoat song.

This time, my fundraising adventure is for the Disney Half Marathon in Anaheim California. It’s going to be Sunday August 31st, if anyone would like to come out and cheer. The course will be a nice, open, 13.1 miles and there’s always the new improved Space Mountain afterwards!

I’ve moved up a bit from a 12:30 minute mile to 11:30. I figure since I’ve only run one marathon, that was a decent improvement. However, overall time has become an obsession and entices me to do even better. Hence the gym membership and a trainer unaffiliated with the armed forces.

Training requires that I follow through with my fundraising commitment. My first goal is to raise $1000 before July 4th. That’s one week!

Any amount is greatly appreciated, and I thank you in advance.
I’ll be checking in every 48 hours to give ’shout outs’ and I’ll send a special personalized thank you when I’ve reached my goal.
Here is the link to the website. Enter my runner#, 0216, and you’ll be able to make a tax deductible donation; becoming a participant in my training, and a very worthy cause.

Thanks for checking in.


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