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Two weeks ago Memphis, his friend Steph (who does the countdown voices for a Japanese Game Show) and myself, completed the first season of Thrill-Running. A combination of street, trail and paseo running with a destination point of Magic Mountain in Valencia. We ride one thrill ride and then run back to the Studio.

Our first run was over 2 hours. I’m happy to report that tonight, I made it to the park, rode Revolution, and ran back to the Studio in exactly 1 hour.

As best I can tell, it’s about 4.8 miles round trip.

As cheesy as it is, everyone I’ve spoken to thinks it’s at least an interesting idea.

The last thrill ride on our list was the new X2 coaster. We saved it for last because it was still being built when we started our thrill running adventure in March.

Since it’s new it has a long wait. So instead of making a thrill run to ride this piece of amazing engineering, we decided to make a day of it and show Steph our favorite coasters in the park. It was bring a friend day and Memphis had free coupon for her.
Here’s a little movie I put together of our day, set to Red House Painters’ song “Rollercoaster” from the 1993 4AD release.


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