the dust and traffic school pt 2


The dust of conversations, edges and synchronicity is finally starting to settle. A strange turn of events have taken place since October 31st of 2008. These have been so personal and expansive the only way to address any of it is to pick up where I left off.

Traffic school was completed by listening to a former comic make jokes about why we all got tickets; and the ever growing, and changing traffic code books of which he takes pleasure reading.

It took 8 hours but he passed all of us and thankfully my insurance was unaffected. I wish at this point I could say my friend Lisa was as lucky.  While she was in class she texted me, “I’m in Hell.”

A few days later her car was totaled at LAX so all was for naught.

So positive vibes to you my friends. Stop at all the yellow lights.

Be Well


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