on the path…signs of sea life

I’ve moved into another apartment in Echo park. I’m very grateful to Tim who let me crash at his place for the month of July. He’s gone out his way to make my acclimation easier.

The person I share rent with abstains from coffee and uses dial up internet. So I’ve been going through withdrawal.

Luckily there is coffee shop in Silver Lake with free wi-fi. Silver Lake is the next neighborhood over from echo park. There is a book shop next door, a record shop and nail salon across the street. Close by there’s a place called Lounge, written in cursive neon letters. One tiny driveway over is a place called Panty Raid. I guess they sell underwear, I’m not planning to check it out. Not today anyway. I’m thinking the next logical shop next to Panty Raid should be Boxer World. If any one would like a start-up investment opportunity, I give you the concept free in exchange for $0.03/ per item sold. It would probably do well here.

The past ten days I really haven’t been in the mood to write to be honest. I’ve started 2 posts but they lacked the vibe I was trying to convey. Although this post will be about some of the things I’ve experienced over the last month, it may come across sporadic and disjointed. Approriate for the time I suppose.

My main meals consist of cliff bars and fruit, mineral water with lime and mexican food.
Last week I was heating a tortilla over one of the gas burners, flipping the orgainc wheat flatness over and over to prevent burning. When I took it off to my amazement,
there was a slightly toasted image of something familiar.

It looked like the michelin man? no.

the staypuff marshmellow man? no

It looked like-

Patrick- the starfish from spongebob. Waving his right hand to me in a freindly fashion.

I knew there would be questioning so I took a picture of it. Not that I know how to post the picture.

Unrelated and unhumorous is how this reminded me of the 5 part series in the L.A. Times about our changing oceans.

How the rising temperatures of the sea is affecting the coral reefs, and other sea life in profound ways. Basically killing them, and scientists don’t really know what role they play in balance of the sea life.

Over the past month, I confess a complete overload on NOVA and Nature documentaries, leaving me fatigued.

These programs have focussed on everything from the importance of herring to sea lions to the depletion of certain types of salmon affecting the forest floor as they try to swim upstream.

SO if you’re tooling around with tortilla’s and burn a sea creature in it, post a little something here so we can keep track.

This is about all I can do for now. Maybe a relief for you guys that the post isn’t 10 pages long.

Wrapping up. I’ve been missing everyone; especially the last 10 days hmmm, how’s that for a connection.

have a good one everybody,

Stephen A. Thomas

4 Responses to “on the path…signs of sea life”

  1. Linda Says:

    Good to hear from you. Been wanting to catch up. Larry and I will call soon.

    I’ve been wanting some good mexican food lately, but Larry’s diet has kept me from some good food.

    Give more detail about your new appt.


  2. Davak Says:


    We are heading to B and J’s in Virginia tomorrow for the weekend. I can’t believe you are not around for our routine meetings.

    Don’t sit around and punch these mental/spirtual things out on your own. Give any of us a call.

  3. Suzanne Says:

    StevieD & I have enjoyed reading your updates via the blog. We still need you new phone #. Please give us a call sometime. We would love to talk.

  4. The Asherbys Says:

    Hey Steve,

    I’m not into blogging for the world to see–so what the heck is your email? Do enjoy visiting your website so we know what is up with you, but am not willing to share our life with all, even anonymously.

    We are back from London, Peak District of England, Athens, Appleton, Milwaukee, Portland, and Cascade mountains. ACK! No wonder I am fried. Have a few good wedding stories–but no meat in Mason jars this time.

    Miss you and hope you are enjoying LA. Hope to see you in Feb when we make our next trek to LaLa land.

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