on the path…3 unrelated things.

I’m renting a room from a nice Jewish lady who plays finger cymbals in an Indian Raga band. The apartment building shares a cat. Orange, dirty, smelly, won’t leave.
I just call him smelly cat and nudge him out of the door way. He’s always waiting outside to be fed.

Friday night I went to a free Moog concert followed by the Moog movie in Downtown L.A. at California Plaza. Just my speed, Free. My free outing only cost $22. By the time I had bought enough random things to get cash back at the grocery store and find a $6 parking lot downtown. This is just an observation of how things go here. I had a great time and actually met the director of the film. People ask me if I met anyone famous and the answer is yes. Film director Hans Fllejjerer (sp of the last name incorrect)! His upcoming movie is about the death metal scene in Norway. I’m just glad he was able to get the Moog movie done before Bob Moog passed away.

I’m excited about this weekend because the first annual ‘bleep fest’ will be hosted here
in L.A. A lot of good electronic music and lectures by Dr. Alan Wolf & Joe dispenza will occur over the day.

Next week I’ll write about that a little more. I also have a review of mineral water brands and mexican food coming up.

Thanks for checking in.

Stephen A. Thomas

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  1. Larry Says:

    I can’t remember the last time I heard a good Indian Raga band. Didn’t Will Ferrell do a skit on SNL about finger cymbals? Something about “more finger cymbals,” or something like that.

    But anyways, it all sounds like fun or at least its interesting.


  2. Davak Says:

    The name is… Hans Fjellestad.

    I saw Brian and Jenny last weekend. We all missed you something terrible.

    Thanks for the update.


  3. Jeff Says:

    So how is the Moog film? Do any of the better-known users of Moog gear participate (Banks, Wakeman, etc.)? I hope it comes out on DVD soon…

  4. Sathomas Says:

    Well Larry,

    I’m thankful it’s finger cymbals instead of cowbells. i gave my cowbell away to a great 4 year old, You may know him. How is that thing holding up?

  5. Sathomas Says:

    WOW Davak, I’m so glad you know this stuff!

    I thought of you guys often and A especially. Tell the little one I see dragon flies here but no fireflies. i guess it’s too arid for the fireflies.

    I’m sure all of you had fun, know I missed being there.


  6. Sathomas Says:


    The moog movie is out on DVD and is great. Good friends, Dan & Peg bought it for me as a going away present.

    I’ll say this. It’s great for what it is. And after hearing Hans talk it’s great it even got made, because it all happen in such a short time frame before Bob Moog’s death.

    It is a different perspective than I thought would come from such a movie. It truly is about Bob Moog the man. Instead of the “synthesizer”. Hans did a great job personalizing the man so important to electronic music.

    Wendy Carlos would not participate. Rick Wakeman and Bernie Worrell (from Talking Heads stop making sense, I think) huddle around Bob for a great conversation. Definitely a highlite.

    the other hilarious scene was an old commercial. Shot on film of a cat in a wide collar shirt playing a modular moog for a beer commercial.

    Absolutely hilarious.

    It sounded like a casio accompaniment and a duck singiing a happy melody about 2 beers are better than one. or something.


  7. Larry Says:

    I had never heard of a moog before this stuff was posted. I open my paper this morning, and I see this article. You guys weren’t making this stuff up. Truly a testimony to the excellent job the hazelproject does in edifying the pubic.



  8. Jeff Says:

    Rick Wakeman Rocks. And Rules!

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