on the path…beyond Heidi

My boss’s wife was watching an Emmy red carpet show Sunday night.

I saw Heidi Klum & Seal being interviewed & discovered her name is spelled Klum.

Congrats to them for her emmy nomination and her current pregnancy with their 3rd child.

Then I started thinking about Seal, and it made sense to me. I like Seal, and I’ll admit it, I had

2 of his CD’s before I moved, and I bet some of that stuff still sounds good.

So, my thing for Heidi I gladly relinquish to Seal. I’m glad she has his arm instead of

somebody, say, like a former heavy metal guitar player.

Plus I saw some model types at the hollywood farmer’s market on Sunday.

I’ll be going there more often now.

Thanks for checking in,

Stephen A. Thomas

4 Responses to “on the path…beyond Heidi”

  1. Davak Says:

    You mention models… for all of us east coasters, you should tell us about the style out there. Do people really look glam all the time or what?

    Oh, I got my little keyboard in. It’s sweet, I think. I couldn’t get little A off it long enough last night to really give it a good testing. I’ll try to post some pics and sound samples later.

  2. Linda Says:


    I just caught up on reading your yard sale blog carefully. I LOVE the story. I can just imagine all of this happening. You should have taken at least 1/2 glass of champagne. Why not??

    I personally haven’t been to yard sales lately, but am hungry for a good buy.

    I’m faithful about clipping coupons, I just look at it as finding dollar bills in the paper - espcially the coupons for diapers.

    Please consider collelcting all of this into a book. You are a great writer and this stuff would sell, honestly.

    Larry will call later.

  3. Jeff Says:

    Ditto the book idea. Travelogues do pretty well, especially among those who want to think they’re intellectual but aren’t quite up to literature. Did that sound snarky? It wasn’t meant that way.

    Anyway, at least Heidi’s not with Dave Navarro. Nobody should be with Dave Navarro.

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    Thank you, I could not have sead it better my self….

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