down the hill…the rolling stones

Tonight is the Rolling Stones concert at Dodger stadium.

I’m off to Trader Joes for some very non-stones fare.

Bruchetta and a nice Syrah.

My plan is to take a lawn chair out to my back yard that over looks dodger stadium, and enjoy the 7 second delay.

I’d like to hear, “its only rock n roll” and “start me up”- for my short infatuation with Heidi Klum. And “emotional rescue”

To be honest I’m more of a Beatles fan than a Rolling Stones fan. But good music is good music. It’ll be great to hear people as old as Herb strap on a guitar and get all swampy.

I wonder if they get their blood transfusions before or after the show?

Thanks for checking in.

Stephen A. Thomas

5 Responses to “down the hill…the rolling stones”

  1. Jeff Says:

    i just bought Forty Licks - the latest greatest hits package - a couple of weeks ago, and I’ve been enjoying it immensely. It’s easy to forget the Stones started as a blues band. Hell, even Black Sabbath started as a blues band. Fascinating how the brits revered our indigenous music when we were listening to Pat Boone, and only when they brought it back to us did we pay attention. That’s so typically American, though, when you think about it…

  2. Brian Says:

    When the Stones were here last year, I did the exact same thing…although my view is of a college football stadium, not Dodger Stadium. The lights and fireworks were cool…and we could make out (barely) what song they were playing.

    I agree 100% with Jeff, and was having the exact same thought about the brits and American music in the 60s when listening to Led Zepplin yesterday. I guess you don’t really have to be original, you just need slick packaging…oh yeah, and be white

  3. Sathomas Says:

    You know, I thought about getting forty licks the other day. They used to play it incessantly at GC, and I liked it a lot. The song sequence on that CD is really good I thought.

    I heard the Sound Check and Brian is right I could barely make it out.

    Funny how when the motivational speakers are there you can here them all the way to ‘Sacka Mockada… or whatever.’

    I’ve considered walking down the hill to see if someone is selling a ticket. Just to do it. I got $20. Maybe I should leave my picnic wine and melba toast at home.

    speaking of which I almost bought a bottle of table wine that had a UFO on the sticker. Aliens and wine are difficult for my brain to reconcile.

  4. Andrew Says:

    Whatever ya do - ENJOY!

  5. Larry Says:

    Tonight you should go outside and look east. You should be able to discern a glow from my side of the continent. I put my Christmas lights up and Clark Griswald has nothing on me. It is a personal record.

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