on the path…Music for Novemeber

I’ve uploaded a piece called November.

It reminds me of Fall in North Carolina. I wrote it in 2004 when I lived on Bernard St.

I was in School, working at Jillians on the weekend and at Mayview during the week.

One of the  last pieces I did on that Piano.

At the time I was into Harold Budd. A composer that I believe lives in L.A. .

He has this ability to create sound and melody that fit the seasons quite well. Especially Fall.

This piece has a “cloudy sky at dusk” vibe to it. And it’s interesting that it came out this way during this period of my life.

I cut the piano first and then overdubbed minimoog bass line on top of the piano arpegio. (sp)
At one point it goes out of sync from each other. I left the flaw because I like the filter sweep at the end of the take. So I chose to keep the end and live with a couple of wrong notes.

At the end I keep a descending line going all the way down the piano keyboard while keeping the left hand arpegio going. This is the point where it the right hand and left hand crash into each other. All that tonal tension is finally let go with the minimoog filtersweep at the end. some Disolve (sp)

Tell me what you think.

Thanks for listening

Stephen A. Thomas

4 Responses to “on the path…Music for Novemeber”

  1. Davak Says:

    I love it. Sad but soothing.

    Perfect for my Thanksgiving eve in the hospital.

    Happy Turkey Day. We miss you.

  2. Davak Says:

    Another song I like is the Remind Me song off the new Geico commerical. I think of you everytime I hear it.

    Here’s a link to it… although I am not sure how long it will stay live:


  3. Sathomas Says:


    That’s a great tune! That’s a commercial?

    The use of delay and the arrangement are exquisite.

    Thanks man.

    Another tune I REALLY like is “Let Go” by imogen Heap and Guy Sigworth when they did that band Frou Frou.

    MAN! that album gets me. Those cats know what they’re doing.

    Glad you dig the new piece as well.

    Have a great Thanksgiving my friend.

    Remember the time you came over after a double whlie you were an intern and fell asleep on the couch because the Turkey took 15 hours in the smoker?

    Tomorrow will be Tofurkey, in mondo California style. I’m looking forward to it. Mom sent me a Pecan pie from Indianola too!

    mmm southern tastiness.

    I’m trying to get her to Fed Ex some ribs from Dream Land in Tuscaloosa, AL.

  4. Davak Says:

    I don’t remember my intern year very much at all. ;)

    Thanks, Stevo! Your blog posts (and a calm night here at the hospital) have inspired me to write a little as well…


    Google searching for your song recommendation now…

    I like it too. I can see why one made you think of the other. I am becoming a big fan of minimalist synth.

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