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On the path…Earthquake

Saturday, August 11th, 2007

My clutch radio read 1:01 AM Thursday morning. I was laying on my futon watching a Steven Spielberg presentation of a television show called “Taken.” It was recommended to me by a a colleague who found out I listened to “Coast to Coast AM with George Noory.” “Taken” is about three families that were affected by the Roswell “UFO” crash and subsequent cover up.

So I’m laying there nodding in and out; all of a sudden it felt like someone grabbed my futon and gave it a tug.

I sat up right and looked around my room- everything seemed okay-

-The dvd in my laptop is still going - headphones still have sound-

I’ve just finished the scene where the military discovers the second crash site with the UFO still in-tact -

THEN for 2 or 3 seconds the futon started moving from a low frequency rumble and a big shake. Like a cheap motel in the 70’s that had the “magic fingers” attached to the bed.

“It’s the mothership!”, I thought to myself. I waited for more rumbling and bright lights…

Just the warm glow from my 25 watt vibe light.

Then I realized, “OH, I’m in my first earthquake!” I logged on to the USGS website and there it wa; a big red square in Chatsworth. I think they logged a 4.5 or 4.8 earthquake there. Chatsworth is 30 miles from where I liv so that rumble traveled a long way. I noticed the blinds in my room swaying back and forth, and I sat really still to to determine if the next one was the “big one.”

I went from getting beamed up to the “mothership” to sliding down to the bottom of Sunset Blvd. in a nano second. It was then I realized how unprepared I am for such an event. An adrenaline surge prompted me to ask myself, “What do I do now?”

I guess I need to buy some water and duct tape?

What do I buy for an Earthquake? If the Earth opens up and decides to take me, duct tape will be of little use. I’m trying to be funny about a subject that deserves more attention and respect, for a subject I really know little about.

I do know the ramifications of an eathquake in L.A. would be the Katrina of Southern California, just because of the masses of people involved. The freeway system is very thorough here but all it would take is one of the major arteries to fail, like the 110 or 610 from the shipping ports. OR, the 101, and the 5, and it would send people pouring, out of the city to refuge.

Fortunately my friends Keith and Teresea have bought a house right around the Angeles Forest. I’ve started calling it, “The Compound” and that’s where I’ll be headed. I should look into buying another bicycle - since the compound is about 60 miles from Echo Park. just thinking out loud.

Thanks for checking in

Stephen A. Thomas