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on the path…Work and Running

Wednesday, January 23rd, 2008

I’ve missed the blog.

I’ve missed relaying any stories. Since the Holidays, starting with Thanksgiving my life has been centered around my work and running.

Work is exciting right now because we have moved into a new facility with a REAL control room and acoustically treated tracking room. I am particularly happy about this move because I get my own office- with a bookcase! There is word that I may be getting an assistant as well. At that point I will be sharing my office with Her. So for the next couple of weeks I’m going to enjoy my first ever REAL office. I have a bulletin board for any refrigerator art the kids want to send; and a dry erase board for the day to day business.

The other portion of life is consumed with running. I’m up to 23 miles. The Marathon is March 2nd, and my 26 mile practice run will be February 2nd. This has been a life altering experience for me. Quite possibly the most disciplined I’ve been about anything. The main thing I’ve learned is that running is all encompasing; physical, mental, emotional, and I believe can be a spiritual experience, if I can quiet my mind enough. What I’ve noticed is that by mile 20 running becomes completely mental for me. The running in and of it self becomes automatic, but CONTINUING becomes about mantras & positive attitude beyond the lactic acid burn and IT band tweaks. After awhile my brain is pounding with each step and I can hardly utter my name. It’s AMAZING! I’ve really learned a lot about the Human Body - mostly my own - what a privilege it is to be here in it. My body has endured more than I’ve ever thought possible. This experience has also shed light on how much I’ve held myself back. Running can be analagous to any other facet of life really. Very simple process. Very difficult to master!

Larry has told me to reward myself after a long run. And I do. After my first 10 mile run I rewarded myself with new Target Bath Mats! -Thomas O’Brien Series!- Lately, I reward myself with a Kosher steak and Cabernet Sauvignon. We’re talking way beyond 2buck Chuck here. I find it difficult to maintain a vegetarian diet and run long distances.

So that is life in January and will very likely be what February is about. If I’ve seemed distant in phone calls, cards and emails I apologize. Be sure that I think of you guys more often than those actions portray.

With much gratitude to all my friends and family spread out over the Country.

Thanks for checking in.

Stephen A. Thomas