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Time is Speeding Up

Monday, October 12th, 2015

I’m pretty sure time is speeding up.

Although I have zero empirical evidence of this, when I ask people younger than myself,

the reply is, ‘Absolutely yes! Time is definitely speeding up.’

Thinking back, I know of one person who told me, ‘no, man time is time and can’t speed up.’

My own take on time seemingly speeding up is that the flow of information has become much faster and the amount of information has become a daily deluge that we manage sift and mirco-parse our attention to the interesting bits.

Information moves so fast in 2015, writing this little blog, the first one in over 5 years, feels like I’m engaging in a lost ancient activity!

The reason I even started hazel project was by the suggestion of my friend Bones; as I was dealing with a dark time of my life between 2005

and 2008 and found catharsis in writing.

Now, our current technology suggests writing a little blog is archaic because it requires too much reading. But I’ll leave this as it is; nestled far far

down in the google search hierarchy. Something I can revisit like finding a journal in an attic.

Be Kind,

Stephen A Thomas