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on the path…fellini’s raincoat

Saturday, February 24th, 2007

Recently, a friend of mine asked if I’d post the fellini album because his copy is gone. Since he was the guitar player in the band I thought it’d be good to share it; let everyone have access to it if they feel so inclined. Someday I’ll put the artwork up there too.

This band existed over 10 years ago and made a CD and had a slow burn of a dismantling. Many things have changed since then; some of us moved, several of us divorced, some have kids, and the entire music business for that matter has shifted in sound and technology about 5 times since then.
My euphemism about Fellini’s is:

“the drama of Fleetwood mac without the Hits”.
We had drama down, boy. Whew. A lot of bands get misguided by the CD as the tangible product. Many bands lack the foresight, and the audience, to actually sell the CD to pay for its creation in the first place.

So, back then, live performance became the crucial chapters of establishing a band. Bands sold cd’s and other wares at gigs. That was how to build an audience. Many bands disenegrate upon completeion of the CD whether it be an indie or major label release. Anyway Fellini’s raincoat fell into that category. It was a text-book story really. A band with a lotta hope but fragmented goals prevented getting to the next chapter. We managed to stretch it out 5 years though.
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