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on the path…A January Saturday

Saturday, January 27th, 2007

It’s been overcast and rainy here in L.A. today. I think it has me down a bit. It’s okay though, there’s a free concert tonight by some band called
“of montreal”
They sound like David Bowie to me but they’re fun tolisten to. I’ll have a chance to count the number of young ones there who believe they’re listening to something new.

I’ve been off by 4 days. Meaning, I’ve scheduled next week thinking today was January 30th. Those of you who know me personally know how I am about these things. Maybe it’s the aquarian part of me coming out to play but it shows up from time to time. How do I do it? I guess it’s my own attempt to bend the space-time continuum for my own needs; which apparently I should address in some other forum than this one. The easiest way for me to do this is to THINK I have a set schedule. January has been pretty erratic.
Somehow this mix up happened by actually being proactive. I registered for CPR/ first aid class most of which I thought were only offered on Saturdays.
Date for my class?- January 30th. So I thought today was January 30 since Tuesday of Last week. Things came up. I made mental notes. I went to the calandar with said mental notes having evaporated from my mentalness and VOIALA double booked MOnday and Tuesday and maybe next Saturday too. Thankfully my good friend Tim hipped me to what day it was before I drove out to Santa Clarita today. It’d be like driving from Penny road to Henderson to an empty CPR class!

Since it’s pretty dreary outside I read my new book called “Power vs Force”. It’s about using Kinesiology to calibrate certain levels of conciousness. I find it fascinating and easier to read than to write about here. That’s my endorsement though. Read a few pages next time a trip to Borders or Barnes and Noble allows time. It’s in the Psychology section.

Well since there’s little else I wish to write I’ll leave a link to a great website by a guy who has plenty to write about. I think he plans to rate and review every rock album ever made. He has a pretty good start.

Enjoy your weekend

Stephen A. Thomas

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