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Friday, July 4th, 2008

So today, I had an early appointment with my new trainer who is an amateur baseball player. Today he wanted to decimate my legs. I appreciated that he told me up front. I talked him out of it and redirected the focus to core. Which, in turn he decimated. As you guys know I’m much more at home in Sci-Fi prog rock, music machine geek land than in GYM-land - I sense this everytime I go there and I question why I pay money to dredge all that up. Then I decide this is about something larger than that, and I can be outside my comfort zone for 30 minutes keeping the big picture in mind. The practice of stepping up a little at a time is powerful in and of itself.


So our total so far is 645.00.


Zellda Snyder and my fellow LA Marathon Pace Group Leaders, Bill and Ed!

Thanks to everyone who has contributed so far. I’ll be taking some decisive action tomorrow to stay in training. When that goes through I’ll post another update.

Other events in the works:

The rooftop fundraiser tonight in West Hollywood.

A car wash (at some point.)

Poker Night

and an ebay auction of vintage music equipment that went on tour with Cher.

I wish she had signed some of it.

I’ll keep everyone posted how things go.

For those of you interested in documentaries, Frontline has produced a very telling documentary about the current state of AIDS.

You can watch it free on-line:

Now it’s time for work!

Have a great Holiday and again thanks so much.

With Gratitude


re: Fundraising Shout Outs!

Tuesday, July 1st, 2008